Amy Franceschini – Finger Print Maze

Amy Franceschini
Finger Print Maze

Fingerprint Maze is an art installation that uses the language of video games to let one wander through a 3D labyrinth constructed from one’s own scanned fingerprint.While playing video games with friends, Amy Franceschini imagined one day to penetrate inside her own own finger print and to find her way inside of the winding gorges one would find inside of a maze. A scanner takes the fingerprint of a participant, models it in a virtual three-dimensional maze and the image is then projected onto a wall. The participant can then enter the maze of her/his fingerprint as if it were a topiary maze.

Amy Franceschini is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of net art, an art form that is created, circulated and experienced through the Internet. She is the founder of Futurefarmers, an art and design collaborative dedicated to expressing environmental and community interests through digital media.

Franceschini helped to start Atlas, an online magazine, in 1995. She has taught at art and design in schools across the San Francisco Bay Area, including Stanford University. She has shown at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Cooper-Hewitt, the National Design Museum and Transmediale in Berlin, and was invited, along with Futurefarmers, to participate in the 2000 Whitney Biennial.