Cédric Parizot – AntiAtlas of borders: an art-science experimentation

Cédric Parizot, coordinator of the antiAtlas project, anthropologist, IMéRA, Institut de Recherche et d’Études sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman (IREMAM – AMU/CNRS), Aix en Provence

At the beginning of the 21st century, the functions of State borders have changed. Borders do not just contain but also overflow spaces, districts and jurisdictions. Borders are losing their linear aspects and are becoming more mobile and more diffuse in order to adapt to globalisation. Actors managing border control have also substantially multiplied. In addition to states, new stakeholders such as agencies, corporations, and NGOs have emerged as actors of border management. The ways in which people’s mobility is controlled are more and more diversified and differentiated. People have to pass through multiple networks and identification devices. All these mutations have to be analyzed in detail, using a wide range of modes of expression and critical tools.

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