Cartographies of Fear #2

Anne Zeitz & Carolina Sanchez Boe
Cartographies of Fear #2
Installation, 2016

Migrants’ access to new technologies plays an important role in their border crossings and their trajectories. Cartographies of fear #2 presents the experience of a Syrian man in Paris. The videos show visible and invisible places and borders within which he has lived happy moments with his wife, as well as the places that he discovered as an asylum seeker and where he feels vulnerable.

Carolina Sanchez Boe has a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Aarhus in Denmark. Her research focuses on international migration, migration control and containment.

Anne Zeitz has a PhD in Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts from the University Paris 8. Her research focuses on the observation concepts and operative images, as well as theories of surveillance, “sousveillance” and the “algorithmic governmentality” in art, literature and film.