Olivier Clochard & Laurence Pillant – Connected camps: detention places in Europe and beyond

Olivier Clochard – geographer, MIGRINTER, CNRS, MIGEUROP, France et Laurence Pillant – geographer, TELEMME, AMU/CNRS, France

Although camps imprisoning migrants in Europe each have their peculiarities and unique history, the rationale for their existence, as well as theiur underlying legal, political and economic dynamics are similar and are part of a common process. Adopting a network approach highlights the places now constituting the reticular borders of the Schengen area and of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), which allows the authorities to implement boundaries that include territories laying within and outside the European union. The aim here is to define the scale and the extent of the networks linking the migrant camps. The cartographic analysis of this network allows us to understand and make visible the phenomenon of regional enclosure implemented by the European migration control.

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