Forensis, exhibition in Berlin

An art-science exhibition in Berlin
2014, Mar 15, Sat – 2014, May 05, Mon

How do mortal remains, DNA samples, and satellite images become forensic evidence? What role do imaging techniques and methods of representation play in the investigation of crimes or political acts of violence? How are objects made to speak?

Forensis seeks to invert the direction of the forensic gaze and designate the emergence of new aesthetic-political practices by which individuals and independent organisations use new technologies aesthetic practices, and architectural methodologies to bear upon a range of issues from political struggle to violent conflict and climate change.

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Forensic Architecture and SITU Research, Video-to-space analysis : Bil’In, Image from the 3D virtual model reconstruction of the scene at the moment of the shooting of Bassem Abu Rahma, © Forensic Architecture and Situ Studio