Larbits Sisters – eu4you

Larbits Sisters (Bénédicte et Laure-Anne Jacobs)
Interactive installation, 2016
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Eu4you starts with the migration crisis that is rattling Europe and has brought President Juncker to plead for a quota system to distribute the refugees between countries. With an equal chance of freedom, equality and prosperity, and taking into account different variables, the eu4you algorithm performs an equation that reconstitutes the visitor’s computational DNA. It rules on the visitor’s destiny: the promise of a golden future on European soil, or not.

Under the name Larbits Sisters, Bénédicte and Laure-Anne Jacobs form a duo. An important part of their work focuses on the exploration of digital technologies. Emerging issues around the Internet such as privacy, digital identity, 2.0 practices form the starting point of their artistic approach.