Lucas Bambozzi – Do Outro Lado Do Rio / Across the River

Lucas Bambozzi
Do Outro Lado Do Rio
Documentary, 2004

Do Outro Lado do Rio is a trip to the limits of Brazil. An investigation of the undefined area between the cities of Oiapoque (Brazil) and Saint Georges de L’ Oyapock (French Guyana), where identities are exchanged and a river symbolically separates a person from his/her dreams. Oiapoque is an intersection zone between Brazil and the French Guyana, the entry gate to a new life in French territory. This city shows the highest migration flow of Brazilian boundaries and testifies for a world in transit. The individuals that live in the region and their stories are the focus of the documentary. Obstinate, hopeless and dissatisfied with the conditions set by Amazônia, these people search, first and foremost, for the consolidation of a generally vague, tenuous and uncertain dream. Filled with a notably “adventurous” spirit and representatives of a kind of contemporaryAmazonic-Ulysses [the sertanejo], they are always planning their Odyssey in land beyond the boundaries.

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. His works are constituted by authorial and independent pieces, including a wide variety of formats, such as installations, single channel videos, short films and interactive projects. His works have been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in more than 40 countries. He was a visiting artist at the CAiiA-STAR Centre – currently operating as Planetary Collegium, where he has developed an extensive research about on-line privacy and pervasive systems, as part of his MPHIL studies, concluded in 2006 at the University of Plymouth, UK. His recent works addresses issues related to immobility and contradictions on the urban context permeated by different kinds of media.