Masaki Fujihata – Field Work @Alsace

Masaki Fujihata
Field Work@Alsace
Interactive installation, 2004 – 2005
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In his interactive installation Field-Work@Alsace Masaki Fujihata deals, as in some of his earlier works, with the representation of time and spatial dimensions in the moving image. With digital videoimages and GPS data the artist provides a typographic and temporal system of coordinates of the Alsace, the border between France and Germany, which he translates into a virtual 3D space. The video images are shown along the three-dimensionally represented GPS traces. Fujihata’s Field-Work@Alsace enables the viewer to follow the images and their traces and to thereby experience the complexity of the interconnectedness of space and time. Before our eyes parade, as hanging from a string of pearls, composite sequences, landscapes and characters. An interface that inevitably evokes the decks of a DJ invites the user to navigate along the GPS data linearly ordered in a three dimensional space. His video mapping, three-dimensional topographic opens a concrete space of  cognitive, visual and emotional experiementation and present an impressively diverse topography.

Masaki Fujihata is a major figure in contemporary art in Japan. His research focuses on intercultural themes and new forms of visualization of knowledge, space and time. Today Masaki Fujihata lives and works in Tokyo. He is Professor at Tokyo University of Arts, where he undertakes research in the field of new media.