Nathalie Loubeyre – A contre-courant

Nathalie Loubeyre
A contre-courant
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Since the mid-1990s, more than 20,000 migrants died in the Mediterranean in their attempt to reach Europe. In July 2012, a Euro-African activist coalition called Boats 4 People charters a boat for a solidarity action in order to monitor the border and denounce those responsible for this situation.

When preparing this project, the need to film this action was evident for all members of Boats 4 People. The coalition contacted Nathalie Loubeyre, director, and Joel Labat, cameraman, who participated in all stages of the Mediterranean crossing. This videographic media is of particular importance for Boats 4 People Besides the desire to share an extraordinary action taken by activists from Africa and Europe, the film aims to raise awareness, mobilize public opinion and continue the struggle for the rights of boat-people.