Press reviews


Anouncement of the exhibition at the Musée des tapisseries, Beaux Arts Magazine, Janvier 2012
Catalog Ulysses
Un événement coup de coeur Arte, sept. 2013
L’antiAtlas des frontières, Art Actuel, sept. 2013
La frontière en question, Digitalarti
L’antiAtlas des frontières explore les mutations du XXIè siècle! Marseille Face b

AntiAtlas des frontières, Télérama Plus, sept. 2013
La Opinion
, sept. 2013
Temps libre, Radio Grenouille, with Jean Cristofol about the antiAtlas of borders, 27 septembre 2013
Lettre d’information de l’INSHS (CNRS) N°25
Bypassing cartography, interview of Isabelle Arvers, by Marc Garett pour Furtherfield
Aux confins des frontières, Mouvement
Isabelle Arvers at the Pechakucha
La frontière en ligne de mire, Poptronics
Extrait du journal 19/20 de France 3 : reportage de M. Frey, R. Gasc, B. Joubert
“L’antiAtlas des frontières, à la pointe du dialogue art-science”, Lettre d’AMU, no. 16, septembre 2013, p. 20
L’antiAtlas des frontières, presentation by Cédric Parizot in Perspectives, RFIEA (download the entire issue)

AntiAtlas of borders, abstract of an exhibition Film by Véronique Godé
“The film AntiAtlas of borders, abstract of an exhibition is part of a “work in progress exhibition” dealing with culture heritage of years of migration, when people in distress are now facing more and more high tech security systems, to leave their own countries and cross borders all over the world at a time when money freely fluctuates at the speed of light. The first round of the exhibition started in Aix-en-Provence at the museum of Tapestry with a seminar of scientists, artists, and people working on the field.
The film, which was edited with means and time schedule of electronic revue, as a 13′ audiovisual guide by curator Isabelle Avers, aims to give you a resume of the first exhibition held at the museum in Aix en Provence, and the incentive to visit the second part, starting in Marseille at “La compagnie, lieu de création” on december 13 th.”

A La compagnie, un antiAtlas pour faire reculer les frontières, La Provence
Deuxième épisode de l’antiAtlas des frontières à Marseille, Digitalarti
Agenda, Paris Art – Evénement, Paris Art
Evénement Marseille Provence 2013
L’antiAtlas des frontières #2, MCD
L’antiAtlas des frontières, Marseille expos
Migreurop lance le site participatif, Migreurop
Interventions créatives entre art et science, Causes communes
Les frontières et leur antiAtlas, Med’in Marseille
Le (sens dessus) dessous des cartes, Ventilo n. 330, p. 21
L’armée des drones, article d’Annick Rivoire sur Arte Creative
antiAtlas des frontièresCarnets de l’IREMAM


Il coraggio di Maisa Saleh giornalista per necessita, La Nuova
L’antiAtlante delle frontiere (video), Telestense


Report on the conference-exhibition at the MAXXI by Meridiana Notizie