Stephanos Mangriotis – Europa Inch’Allah

Stephanos Mangriotis
Europa Inch’Allah
2009 – 2010

In his work Europa Inch’Allah, Stephanos Mangriotis gives an intimate view of the reality of immigration into Europe through the port in Patras, Greece. He has a way of getting below the surface with people that really shows within his photography. He shows us the many faces of life as an immigrant through the waiting, the paper work, the hotels, the beaches, the demolished camps, the cemeteries, the unknown.

Stephanos Mangriotis is a young independent photogra- pher, co-founder of Dekadrage collectif. His mixed greek and south african origins got him working on issues related to borders, identity and migration. He grew up in Athens, stud- ied mathematics and philosophy in Bristol and then photog- raphy in Paris. Since, he lives and works in Marseille.