Romain de l’Ecotais – Au pied du Mur

Romain de l’Ecotais
Au pied du mur
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Since 2007, huge metal pillars planted in the desert, on more than one third of the 3600 km border between the United States and Mexico, are the new barrier which already has made more victims than the Berlin Wall. In this territory, the broken families is increasing. The access to the American Dream is a project increasingly perilous, and hopes of migrants are often proportional to the energy and resources deployed to destroy their attempts. In these times of crisis, Mexicans and Americans also mobilize for migrants to defend their rights and to make people aware of their living conditions. For Mexican youth, the United States appear from year to year more inaccessible, but not out of reach, as long as it still a dream.

Romain de l’Ecotais is a director of 29 years, based in Marseille. In 2005, after the university ended with a Masters in International Economics and a Masters Documentary Film and Social Sciences, Romain de l’Ecotais began to work on the theme of exile and labor. It carries out projects of all kinds, from business film to documentary , also the directing audiovisual workshops with young people from Aubervilliers. Achievements made in the Music Conservatory of Marseille, or in a social cafe in Belleville, to meet the molecular kitchen Thierry Marx, and the discovery of the environmental initiatives in Japan, or in the daily Senegalese wrestlers in Pikine, Senegal.